EEESTUDY is founded on 01th Jan 2017 by an Electronics Engineer; our aim is to make you “an expert PCB Design & Electronics Design”.

We are giving as per following details:

  • ALL types of PCB design with example – Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer Layer, Mixed signal.
  •  All types of Electronics Design circuit with circuit and theory.
  • Aptitude Questions and Answers for Electronics Circuit design.
  • Aptitude Questions and Answers for PCB Design Layout.
  • Interview Questions and Answers in PCB Design Layout.
  • Interview Questions and Answers in Electronics  Circuit design 
  • Interview Questions and Answers in Analog, Digital & Electrical.
  • PCB designing Tips & Problem solve ling.
  • Electronic Circuit design Tips & Problem solves ling.
  • Tutorials on PCB designing, Electronics Circuit design Electrical.

EEE Mission

Our main aim is to educate readers about Electronics and share knowledge we have acquired in more simplified manner. Our resources are very much simplified to suit all levels of readers and our contents are always delivered from a reader’s perspective. We don’t believe in scratching the surface (what’s the fun in that duh!) rather we try to explain the underlying principles with graphs, diagrams, calculations and what not!

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