Best Checklist for PCB Layout Design

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Best Check list for PCB Layout Design

Best Suggestion for PCB Layout Design:

A. Description of Material Delivered:

1. Fabrication and drill drawing – For checking of board dimensions, drill size and plate-the .classifications.

2. Circuit Layer(s) _ for checking of routing, component pin out, electrical considerations & other mechanical specifications such as edge kept-out & pad sizes. Minimum clearance has been checked on all circuit patterns.

3. Power Plane(s) _ a negative representation of plane circuit, for checking of power connection & different power plane separations. 2 very important things to be checked are the isolation between different level of power connections (for example, overlay VCC to GND & check if there is a location that has heat-relieves at the same spot); & the insulation of clearance pads on power plane, specially the location for mounting holes (insulation pads should be at least .03″- .04″ larger than hole sizes).

4. Silk-screen: For checking of component spacing & notation & the board marking as well.

5. Unused Pin Report _ a report indicates all unconnected pin from components; its a good idea to check this report first to flag out possible connection errors. When checking this report, please note that some components are just mechanical entities, such as mounting, tooling holes & test points (usually marked as Mtxx, Thxx, Tpxx etc.); some pin number(s) in a component may be just the mounting pins, for example, pin10 and pin11 in DB-9 connector.

6. Net list Report: A report generated from layout data represents all logical connections in the design. We strongly suggest using this report to check against your schematic (NOT to trace the artwork). The report has signal name as one line, & followed by all connections belong to that NET, noted as Ref_Des.Pin_Number. Some pin numbers might noted as pin names (such as B, C, E in transistors, A1..B1 in grid array components & connectors and A, K in diodes), for actual connections, you may want to check one of those component on artwork for correctness in pin out.

B. Suggested Checking Procedures:

1. Check Unused Pin Report and Net list Report against the updated schematic.

2. Follow the Check Points in the Acceptance of Layout Design form & the suggestions stated above.

3. For major modifications, contact EEI by faxing a modification list, we will make those

Modifications and send you another set of check-plot for approval. If changes are minor, sign off the Acceptance and indicate changes required, we will make the changes on the final output.

DRC (Design Rules Check) :

DRC is most important for PCB layout design check which check the all track , Pads, via for simple PCB check the below list which are most important for mainly single side 7 double sided PCB’s. As per given dimensions in MM which should be maintain as per below given details for track to track, track to via, track to pad, via to via, via to pad, pad to pad as per design rules should me be maintain .25MM for all.

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