Best Interview Questions and Answers for Digital Electronics

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Best Interview Questions and Answers for Digital Electronics.

Question 1. What is Digital Electronics?

Answer – It is a field of electronics which is involving the study of digital signals and these signals are form in 0 and 1.Digital electronics opposite to analog electronics and analog signals.

Question 2. What is Binary?

Answer -Binary number system is a numbers which has two possible values for each digit (0 and 1).

Question 2. What is Conventional logic System?

Answer – In positive logic system ( High = 1 and low = 0), This is the mostly followed conventional across all the digital system.

Question 3. What is Encoder?

Answer – Encoder perform that exact opposite function of decoders. For 2N inputs, there will be n output. Consider a circuit has 8 input, 3 outputs will be obtained in this case.

Question 4. What is Priority Encoder?

Answer – Priority Encoder means that prioritize the bits in the input stream. Whenever it encounters a high priority input bit, it will ignore all other lower priority inputs.

Question 5. What is Multiplexer?

Answer – A multiplexer has multiple binary inputs and one output which are depending upon the values of the selecting line, one of those input values will be sent to the output.

Question 6. What is De-Multiplexer?

Answer – A De-Multiplexer has single input line and multiple output lines and It is also depending upon the selection of one of many data output lines is carried out, which is connected to the single input.

Question 7. What is Combinational Circuit?

Answer – In this circuit, combine the different gates in one circuit, like that encoder, decoder, multiplexer and de-multiplexer. In combine circuit don’t have memory element and it is the current state is dependent only on the present state input.

Question 8. What is Sequential Circuit?

Answer – In this circuit, it is combination of logic circuit which consists of input variable, logic gates and output variable and Memory element are one of the core components of the sequential circuit. The current state is dependent on the previous state and also the current state.

Question 9. What is TTL?

Answer – TTL full form is Transistor Transistor Logic and according to the TTL standard, voltage of logic high state ranges from 2V to 5V and the voltage range of logic low state is between 0V and 8V.

Question 10. What is name of the three basic logic operations?

Answer – NOT, NAND and OR are the basic logic operation which lead to many further operation.

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