Best Tutorial on Cellular Network.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Cellular Network.

Cellular Network – It is a radio network distributed over land areas called cells each served by at least one fixed location transceiver known as cell site or base satiation.

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Main Point of Cellular Network:

  • A cellular Network telephone system provides a wireless connection to the PSTN for any user location within the radio range of the system.
  • Cellular System accommodates a large number of users over a large geographic area, within a limited frequency spectrum.
  • This system provides high service which is comparable to that of the landline telephone system.
  • High capacity is achieved by limiting the coverage of each base station transmitter to a small geographic area called a cell so that the same radio channels may be reused by another base station located some distance away.
  • A sophisticated switching technique called a handoff enables a call to proceed uninterrupted when the user moves from one cell to another.

Cellular Network Architect:   

  • As per image show the basic cellular system which consists of mobile station (MS), base station (BS) and a mobile switching centre (MSC).
  • The mobile switching centre (MSC) is sometimes called a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO), since it is responsible for connecting all mobiles to the PSTN in a cellular system
  • Each Mobile communication via radio with one of the base station and may be handed off to any number of base station throughout the duration of a cell.
  • The Mobile Station (MS) contains transceiver, an antenna and control circuitry and may be mounted in a vehicle or used as a portable handheld unit.
  • The Base Station (BS) consists of several transmitters and receiver which simultaneously handle full duplex communications and generally have towers which support several transmitting and receiving antennas.
  • The base station serves as a bridge between all mobile users in a cell and connects the simultaneous mobile call via telephone lines or microwave link to the MSC.
  • The MSC coordinates the activities of all of the base stations and connects the entire cellular system to the PSTN.
  • A typical MSC handles 100000 cellular subscribers and 5000 simultaneous conversations at a time, and accommodates all billing and system maintenance function as well.

Advantage of Cellular Network:

  • Increasing Capacity
  • Reduced Power Use
  • Larger Coverage Area
  • Reduced Interference from other signals.

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