Best Tutorial on Power Electronics?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about simple tutorial of power electronics.

Power Electronics – Power Electronics deals with how to control and convert power (electric energy) into one form to another and how to utilization of power at high efficiency.

  • Below is the distribution of Power Electronics:
  • Power – Generation, Transmission, Distribution.
  • Electronics – Solid State Device, Electronics Circuit, Signal Process.
  • Control – Steady State Characteristics, Dynamic Characteristics.
  • Power generation – For Power Generation basically we use below are the process:
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Below are the Main Power Electronics Components:
  • Thyristor
  • Diac
  • SCR
  • Traic
  • UJT
  • IGBT
  • GTO
  • Power Electronics Circuit can be classified into different category which is depending on input and output.
  • Rectifier – It is convert AC into DC is called rectifier, It is basically used in battery charger, excitation system of synchronous machines.
  • Chopper – It is used for D.C. to D.C. converter which is use in D.C. Drives, Battery Driven vehicles etc.
  • AC Voltage Regulators – This is use for AC to AC control and its useful for speed control fans and power pumps.
  • Cyclo Converter – It is use for control of slow speed large AC drive.
  • Inverter – It is convert DC into AC and it is use in heating induction, UPS, HVDC, wind and solar energy.
  • Below are the Power Components which are use in power circuit.
  • Power Diode
  • Power Transistor
  • Power Mosfet
  • Power IGBT
  • Chopper
  • Power Electronic Circuit :
  • AC to DC = Rectifier
  • DC to DC = Chopper
  • AC to AC = AC Chopper
  • DC to AC = Inverter
  • Uncontrolled – Diode
  • Semi Controlled – SCR
  • Fully Control – Both ON & OFF are controlled
  • Power Circuit Required :
  • Power Rating
  • Frequency of operating
  • Cost and size reduction

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