Best Tutorial on RF Circuit.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about RF Circuit.

RF circuit –  It is  designed to  the standard circuit elements with some simple integrated circuits by constructing structures by using printed elements on a circuit board and  RF circuits can use printed traces on a PCB with some additional components to provide desired functionality in a circuit board.

Below are the main point for RF circuit.

  • RF Circuit is used to generate, amplify, modulate, filter, demodulate, detect and measure AC voltage and current at ration frequencies. They are the block from which RF system are designed.
  • They scale up and down in both power and frequency. A six – section band pass filter with a given pass band shape, for example, might be large and water cooled in one application but subminiature in another.
  • It depend on the frequency, this filter might be made of sheet metal box and pipes, of solenoid coil and capacitors, or of piezoelectric mechanical resonators, yet the underlying circuit design remains same.
  • A class – C amplifier circuit might be a small section of an integrated circuit of a wireless data link or the largest part of a multi – megawatt broadcast transmitter. Again the design principal is the same.

Below is the range of RF which are using in different band.

Frequency Name Example Wavelength
300 GHZ EHF (extra high frequency) Microwave, mm- wave radar 1mm
30 GHZ SHF (Super high frequency) Ku – band satellite TV , C –band satellite TV 1cm
3 GHZ UHF (Ultra high frequency) GPS navigation TV channel 14 – 68 10 cm
300 MHZ VHF (Very high frequency) TV – : CH – 7 -13 FM – Broadcasting – 88 -108 MZH TV: Channels – 2 – 6   1 m
30 MHZ HF ( high frequency) Short – Wave broadcasting & communication 10 m
3 MHZ MF ( Medium  frequency) AM Broadcasting 1000 m
300 KH LF ( LOW  frequency) Loran – C navigation radio time signals 10 km
30 KZH VLF ( very low frequency VLF ( to submarines ) 100 KM

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