Best Tutorial on UPS?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about UPS.

UPS – UPS full form is uninterruptible power supply, It is an electrical equipments which provides emergency power to a load when the input main power off and it is called continual power system.

UPS is use for store the electricity in batteries. And this energy can use there is we need itself.

UPS Working: In this topic we will learn how to UPS work and as per below circuit are best. In this circuit have two switch one is before load and one is after load now we will see how it is work in both conditions.

When 1st Switch is close and 2nd is open: As per below circuit following parts are the main point of ups.

  1. AC main Point – It is the main point of ac source where our ups main plug connect to direct with ac power source (230VAC)
  2. Transformer – It is use for convert ac high power to low power like 230VAC to 12VAC.
  3. Rectifier – Rectifier which are use for convert ac to dc power for battery charging because battery power source is DC voltage so that we need the DC voltage which is convert by rectifier.
  4. Inverter – As we know that our all consumer item of home like –Computer and laptop etc. work on AC power so we need the AC power for our all home appliances so inverter change the DC power of batteries into AC power.
  5. Filter – It is use for remove the noise from power because always have some noise in ac main supply and internal circuit of ups which are generated by bulky components of circuit like mosfet , transformer etc. so that we use the filter to reduce this noise.
  6. Switch1 – In ups circuit have two switches which have switch 1 and switch 2, In this circuit can see switch 1 is connected with load after filter of inverter means ups circuit which are work as per circuit above explained.
  7. Load – For load can be any types of desktop, laptop and printer etc.
  8. Switch2 – In this circuit can see switch 2 is direct connected with AC main source with load. When switch 2 is close and 1 is open then load is direct work with ac source.

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