What is Digital Multi Meter & Uses?

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Explain about Digital Multi meter

  • Digital multi meter is an instrument which measures A.C.  And D.C. voltages A.C. and D.C. currents and D.C. currents and resistance over a wide range.

        Digital Multi meter –

  • It Indicates that the device has a digital                    
  • It  indicates that a single devices can Or LCD output be used for multi meter Measurement

              Parts of Digital Multi meter

  1. Display screen:- It has illuminated display screen for better visualization.

Five digits ,one for sign value and Four for number representation.

  • Selection knob :- multi meter is used for several measurements like voltage, current and resistance.

The selection knob allows the user to select the different   measurements.

  • Port :-                        Two ports

                                                                                             Com port

                 Red probe                                                            Black probe

                       (+)                                                                          (-)

10 A Port – current port can measure large currents.

  1.   Resistance
  2.   ACI  (Alternating current)
  3.   ACI (Alternating voltage)
  4.   DCI (Direct current)
  5. DCV ( Direct Voltage)

*The A.C. quantities and converted into D.C quantities by employing various    rectifier and filtering circuits.

*The resistance measurements consist of a low current source that is applied across an unknown resistance.

Measurement of Current

*for current measurement the drop across an internal calibrated shunt is measurement directly by the ADC in the “D.C. current mode “ and after “A.C. to D.C conversion in the A.C current mo

Resistance                   Voltage”


Measurement of Resistance

Digital multi meter measures the voltage across the externally connected resistance, resulting from a current forced through it from a calibrated current source.



Digital Multi meter Application(DMM)

  1. Digital Multi meter use in Repair Lab.
  2. Digital Multi meter use in Research & Development Lab.
  3. Digital Multi meter use in maintenance of all electrical equipment.
  4. Digital Multi Meter use in all type of testing electronics components
  5. Digital Multi meter is very useful for all PCB testing & electronics instruments testing.

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