How to Select Diode in Circuit?

In this tutorial we are going to learn about How to Select Diode in Circuit?

Diode – It is a semiconductor device which works as one-way switch for current. It always passes current to flow in one direction. It is also use convert AC to DC with combination of diode that becomes bridge rectifier.

How to Select Diode in Circuit?

In market many types of diode, here below we are taking common diode which are basically use in circuit.

  •  General Purpose diode  IN4001, IN4002, IN4003, IN4004, IN4005, IN4006, IN4007 & 1N5408 which have maximum reverse bias voltage capacity of 50V and maximum forward current capacity of 1A which are mostly use for AC supply 230VAC & for reverse polarity protection.
  • Ultra Fast Recovery Diode like UF 3003, UF315, HER303, CR3U020, UF320, UF5402, SF33, SF34, MUR420G, MUR420RLGHER 303, which has passes short reverse recovery time on rectification purpose with high frequency and it can also be used like that as a freewheeling or clamping diode in high-power SMPS and industrial applications.
  • Schottky Diodes like IN5817, IN5818, IN5819 use for maximum 1 Amp with package of DO-41 of through hole and SMA package of SMD, IN5820, IN5821, IN5822 use for maximum 3 Amp with package of DO – 201AD of through hole and SMC for SMD,  IN5823, IN5824, IN5825 use for 5 Amp with SMC package of SMD. Schottky diodes generally used in circuit due to have low turn-on voltage, fast recovery time and low-loss energy at higher frequencies.
  • Zener Diodes like that IN4733A for 5.1V, IN4734A for 5.6V, IN4735A for 6.2V etc, Zener diode is very special types of diode which is a Semiconductor Diode that blocks current in the reverse direction, but which has common disadvantage is that it will suffer from premature breakdown or damage when the reverse voltage applied across becomes too high rather than as per given value of zener diode.

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