Very Simple Tutorial about PCB Work.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about PCB Work.

PCB – Here we are taking example of mobile phone which have combine of camera, speaker, display, WI – FI, antenna, GPS, battery, fingerprint sensors, combination of microchip and many types of active and passive components into a single device, that’s components work seamlessly together which are all connected via trace which are enter the printed circuit board (PCB). Below are the images of PCB which have color of green. It is really a multilayered labyrinth of hundred of copper wires. This PCB provide structure and organization for all the components to be mounted on the surface, while wires in middle allow each of component to communicate and work together.

How do PCB’s work:

In PCB have different types of components such as microchips, resistors, capacitors, connectors and the printed circuit board itself. These are the components, and they are soldering mounted to the PCB. First image below is LED PCB there is not mounted any components it is called bare PCB.

Below image can see there is components are mounted on PCB via solder.

When we mount the PCB then we take the Bill of material which are generated from circuit that is prepared by hardware engineer. If we place the all components are properly as per BOM then PCB will work fine if an condition PCB is not work then it may be fault of wrong value of components or dry solder of components means may be any components are not proper solder or may be have any solder joint of components in cases PCB will not work proper so that when we mount the PCB then first match the all components with BOM then mount the PCB after that solder mount is should be proper. Here below are the image of example for dry solder components and shorting of components due to joint pin through solder ball between place to pads or pins of components.

Dry Solder components on PCB.

Shorting of components due to solder ball.

Wrong value mount which are not okay as per BOM.

Supose we have BOM value location of R2A = 1k but as per below PCB mount is 100E it is called wrong value mount.

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