Very Simple Tutorial for Operation Amplifier

In this tutorial we are going to learn about for operation amplifier.

Operation Amplifier –

  • It specifies special type of amplifier that can perform mathematical operations.
  • One electronic device which is a special type of amplifier and could be used for variety of operations such as amplification addition subtraction differentiation and integration is called operational amplifier (op-amp).       

Importance of Operation Amplifier –

  • A variety of useful circuit can be built without the necessity of knowing about the complex internal circuitry.
  •  The adder subtraction differentiator can be generated using op-amp the using basically an excellent high can dc amplifier.
  •  We can construct amplifier waveform generators and timers using op-amp.
  •  The op-amp has become an integral part of almost every electronic circuit which using linear lCs.
  •  These are inexpensive, It take up less space and consume less power.      

Working of Operation Amplifier –    

  • Input stage: – The input stage is a dual-input and balanced output differential amplifier. This space provides most of the voltage gain of the amplifier and also establishes the input resistance of the op-amp.
  • Intermediate stage: – This stage increases the overall gain of the op-amp. This is dual input unbalanced output differential amplifier.
  • Level shifting stage: – This is emitter follower. This circuit is use after intermediate stage to shift the dc level at the we respect to ground
  • Output stage:- The last stage is complementary symmetry push-pull amplifier. if increases voltage and current handling capability of op-amp it also provides a low output .

Circuit Symbol of Operation Amplifier –   

  • The positive supply voltage terminal +VCC   or   +V.
  •  In this circuit, The negative supply voltage terminal is –VEE or –V.
  • VO   the output terminal.
  • V2 inverting input terminal marked as negative.
  • V1 The Non -Inverting input terminal marked as positive.

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