What are Chopper & Its Application?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about what are Chopper & Its Application?

DC – DC Converter – Chopper mainly used in DC- DC converter which is a device that converts fixed DC input to a variable DC output (Controlled DC output) voltage/ power it is called DC – DC converter. In DC – DC main part is switching which connect and disconnects the load from source at a high rate to get variable or chopped voltage at the output.

Chopper – Chopper which can increase or decrease the DC voltage level at its output side. So that chopper serves the same purpose in DC circuit transfer in case of AC circuit. So it is known as DC transformer.

Symbol of Chopper : It is main device of DC – DC converter which are work as a switch. As per below diagram of chopper can see there is simple switch, When it is closed current can flow in the direction of arrow only.

It is main used in below devices:

  • It is use in Low power application like that GTO, IGBT, Power BJT, Power Mosfet etc.
  • It is used in High power application like that  Thyristor or SRC

Application of Chopper:

In electronics, a chopper circuit used in power control and signal applications.

  • It is used for DC motor control, solar energy conversion and wind energy conversion.
  • It is used in electric cars, airplanes and spaceships.
  • It also is used as power supplies in computer, commercial electronics, and electronics instruments.

Types of Chopper:

There are two types of chopper – AC and DC.

AC Link Chopper below circuit is for AC link chopper.

  • As per circuit diagram can see, first DC is converted AC with the help of an inverter, After that AC is stepped up or stepped down by a transformer,
  • AC voltage is then converted back to DC by a diode rectifier.
  • It is costly, bulky and less efficient as the conversion is done in two stages.

DC Link Chopper below circuit is for DC link chopper.

  • This is a static device which converts fixed dc input voltage to a variable dc output voltage directly.
  • It is also known as dc equivalent of an ac transformer as they behave in an identical manner.
  • This kind of chopper is more efficient as they involve one stage conversion and same as like that a transformer, It can be used to step up or step down the fixed dc output voltage. It has a high efficiency, fast response and a smooth control.

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