What are Filters & Its types?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about low pass filter & its types.

Electronics Filter – The electronics filter is the circuit which passes some frequency components in the circuit and rejects or attenuates all other frequency components so now based on the frequency band which is being passed by this filter the filters can be classified into your deferent types.

Types of Filters:

.1. Active Filter – active components like Op – Amp and transistors then such filters are known as the active & Advantage of active pass filter is that it also provides the gain to the input signal.

2. Passive Filter – The Passive components like capacitor, resistor, and inductor then such filter are known as passive low pass filter and or in general passive filters, the output is always less than the input.  

Types of Passive Filters:

  1. Low Pass Filter – The low pass filter which is passes the low frequency signals, it is staring form 0 Hz up to the cut off frequency and it rejects all the frequencies which are lesser than this cut – off frequency
  2. High Pass Filter –High Pass Filter which attenuates all the frequencies below the cut-off frequencies which is provides a constant output (gain) above the cut-off frequency.
  3. Band Pass Filter – The Band pass filter which are in the certain band. And it rejects all frequencies which are outside this band.
  4. Band Stop Filter – In this Band where the Specific Band of frequencies gets rejected and allows passing of frequencies outside the Band.
  5. All Pass Filter – It is a type of filter which passes all frequencies equally. It is also known as Phase-Shift filter, time-delay filter as the output voltage shifts in phase with respect to input voltage but they are equal in magnitude.

Advantage of filters:

  1. It is very cost effective parts of electronics circuit.
  2. Passive filter circuit doesn’t require the power supply, only active filter circuit require the power supply.

Disadvantage of filters:

  1. The filter of the circuits is bulky.
  2. In filer has Limited Bandwidth
  3. In filter, increased sensitivity to variation in circuit parameters

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